2016 Children's Area Activities

Our dynamic programming designed for small children, youth, and the young at heart features artists on stage and strolling throughout the park, interactive hands-on workshops, juried art exhibits for students, poetry and short story competitions and readings, and demonstrations and displays that encourage audiences to discover the magic of learning and the artists within themselves.

2016 Featured Attractions

Pittsburgh Zoo Wonders of Wildlife Programs

Discover fur, feathers, and scales as the Pittsburgh Zoo's Zoo-mobile introduces you to some of the world's most fascinating animals. Using live animals from their zoo, you'll get to explore the physical characteristics of each animal while learning how they are uniquely adapted to their environments.

The Pittsburgh Zoo will be onsite in the Children's Area Thursday, June 30 through Saturday, July 2. Check out the chart below for more information.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Programs

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History will be onsite all four days at the Festival this year giving multiple presentations on history and science. There's even a chance for you to meet a life-sized dinosaur named Spiny!

Below are descriptions of the programs they'll be featuring along with which dates you can catch your favorite one!

Exploring Ancient Egypt:
Unearth the wonders of ancient Egypt by linking its art, architecture, writing, artifacts, and mummies with the unique dessert landscape along the Nile.

Dino Detectives:
Travel back in time to a world ruled by massive plant eaters and vicious carnivores.

Adventures in Archaeology:
Dig into the past using real archaeological techniques. Find clues about how ancient humans lived using real and replica artifacts.

American Indian Adventures:
Go on an adventure across North America and discover diverse American Indian cultures, exploring their daily life and beliefs by interpreting tools, housing structures, and other objects.

Creepy Crawlies & Things With Wings:
Look closely at the wonderful world of insects. Learn about their unique features and behaviors to understand why they belong to the most diverse and largest animal group on Earth.

Fur, Feathers, & Scales:
Compare and contrast patterns on fur, feathers, and scales in real specimens from the museum's educational loan collection, and tie these observations to animal survival strategies. 

Rocks & Minerals:
Read the story of Earth's past as recorded in rocks by investigating their properties and exploring the cycle of rock formation and recycling.

Spinosaurus Encounter:
Come meet Spiny, the museum's 10 foot tall, 15 foot long mechanical dinosaur! Help Spiny's handler, Dr. Dino, dig for fossils of Spinosaurus in the Egyptian desert and hypothesize about Spiny's habitat. 

Meet and Greet with Mr. McFeely

Everyone's favorite delivery man from Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood will be onsite Sunday, July 3 from noon until 5:30 p.m. greeting kids in the Children's Area and strolling throughout the park for all his fans to see!


Diana Perry, National Best Selling Children's Author

​Diana Perry, who served as our 2016 Short Story Juror, will be onsite presenting weather science experiments from her book, "The Weather by Heather" all four days of the Festival. This exciting show will leave children from Pre-K on up with a lasting impression of science and weather. Best of all, your child will be given information on how to conduct each of the 33 experiments mentioned in the book right in your own home with parental assistance! Diana will also be bringing along her illustrator, Cody Sims, who is also a professional art teacher. He will be teaching drawing classes onsite for your child to take part in!

That Guy with the Birds

Learn about birds from all over the world during this fun and educational rescued tropical birds show. Ken Sprouse will be here all four days of the Festival teaching all about these amazing creatures! 

Live Painting with Raphael Pantalone

​Local artist, Raphael Pantalone, will be onsite Thursday, June 30 and Friday, July 1 offering children a chance to help him paint a tractor. 

Craft & Activity Booths

​Enjoy face painting, sand art, custom hand print art (turning hand prints into creative art animals and pictures), as well as mini golf all four days at the Festival.